Pest control is an important service which keeps people safe from the harmful presence of household pests. However, when mishandled, pest control applications can have a harmful impact of their own. Many pesticide products are just as lethal to beneficial plants and animals as they are to the pesky bugs they’re used to get rid of. Improperly applied pesticide treatments may even pose a risk to people and pets.

The solution is eco-friendly pest control, something which most reputable pest control companies in North Carolina will provide. Keep reading to learn what eco-friendly pest control is and why it’s the best solution for your pest problems.


centipede-raleigh-spsA Guide to Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Eco-friendly pest control involves utilizing products and practices with a low environmental impact. Many traditional pesticides make use of harsh chemicals that kill pests on contact but also have a lasting negative impact on the entire ecosystem. Instead of these chemicals, low impact products use biologically derived substances to get rid of pests without also harming other animals and plants in the vicinity where they are applied.

Eco-friendly pest control techniques are implemented as part of a system known as integrated pest management (IPM), which is used by many pest control companies in North Carolina and throughout the country. The IPM approach aims to minimize the use of chemical pesticides by controlling pests through other means, such as exclusion barriers, habitat adjustments, and biorational pesticides. Unlike harsh chemical pesticides, biorational pesticides are low impact products that are usually organic. Examples of biorational pesticides include diatomaceous earth, natural oils, and insect growth regulators.

Of course, this leaves the million-dollar question: does eco-friendly pest control work as well as traditional, chemical pesticides? Yes, thankfully it does. In many ways, it actually works better. Some of the advantages of low impact pest control are:

  • Safety – Chemical pesticides are dangerous not just to the local ecosystem in North Carolina but also to your family. If children or pets ingest a plant that had been treated with chemical pesticides, they could become very sick. Exposure to certain pesticides has even been found to cause cancer and other illnesses. Low impact pest control does not present any of these health risks.
  • Convenience – When chemical treatments are used on your property in North Carolina, it can be a major inconvenience. You might not be able to use your own yard for a day or more after pesticide is applied. If your home is fumigated, you’ll actually have to vacate the premises for multiple days. Integrated pest management is all about creating convenient, long-lasting solutions to pest problems and you’ll never have to worry about avoiding your yard or home after low impact products are applied.
  • Landscaping Compatibility – Harsh chemical pesticides aren’t just dangerous for local animals and plants; they can also destroy your landscaping. Exposure to caustic chemicals found in many pesticides can kill grass, flowers and vegetables. What’s the point of eliminating pests if you have to kill your lawn and gardens to do so? Biorational pest control products are harmless to your grass and landscape plants.
  • Long-Term Efficacy – Eco-friendly pest control isn’t always as fast-acting as chemical pest control, but it’s often more effective in the long run. Pests can quickly become resilient to traditional pesticides until they no longer work. However, biorational pesticides will continue to prove effective at getting rid of pests indefinitely.


Your Best Option for Low Impact Pest Control in North Carolina

If you’ve decided that you want to protect your home from pests using low impact products, Sustainable Pest Systems is eagerly waiting to hear from you. Contact us today if you’d like us to provide eco-friendly pest control services for your home in North Carolina!