Ants are common pests that infest the home and cause unsavory conditions. Ants spend the majority of their time searching for food and water to take back to their colony. Residential properties are attractive to ants because they can provide both. An ant infestation is not ideal, but it can be stopped with these actions. By setting up extermination services, homeowners can eliminate ants and maintain a pest-free home.  

Identify All Areas Affected By Ants

The first step for exterminators is to find all areas of the property where ants are present. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely living spaces where ants appear since they offer fast access to water.

However, ants can travel throughout the home in search of food sources. The extermination team inspects the home to find all affected areas and make note of these locations when planning out ant control services. 

Find And Eliminate Water Sources

Water sources are a must for ants, and the insects search throughout the home to find water. Cracks and crevices allow ants to slip into the kitchen and bathroom where water is readily available. The extermination team tracks the movement of the ants to find where the insects are populating nearby or underneath the home.

Typically, anthills aren’t far from the line of ants coming into the home. The trail of ants also shows how the insects are getting into the property to access water, and this information helps the pest control team stop ants from getting to that water. 

Cut Off The Ants From Food Sources 

In the kitchen, ants are attracted to the garbage can, foods that are left on counters, compromised food containers, and pet food. Until the extermination services are completed, the owner must cut off access to food.

By taking the garbage out more frequently, the owner gets a great start on controlling an ant problem. The next step is to scrape food off dishes and put the food in the exterior trash receptacle. If there are easy-to-open food boxes or bags, the homeowner must place these foods in resealable containers to cut off access. 

Determine How Ants Are Affecting Pets

Ants can cause painful bites that can be bothersome for pets. Unfortunately, pets are quite curious about pests and aren’t likely to stay away from insects. This can lead to injuries for the pets that could result in skin irritation or infections. The pet’s food and water bowls can present ants with food and water sources that are easily accessible. 

Homeowners can examine their pets to determine if the animals have been bitten by the ants, and the pest control service can provide advice about how to keep the pets out of harm’s way. Extermination services for the ants are the best way to eliminate ants and protect pets. 

Find And Shut Off All Entry Points

To prevent more ants from coming into the home after pest control services, the owner must seal all access points leading into the property. Cracks in floorboards, around bathtubs or showers, and near entry doors give the ants an easy place to travel into the property. Adequate sealing of these areas block entry and prevents new pests from getting into the home. 

 Use Appropriate Products To Kill The Ants

Extermination teams are familiar with insecticides that kill ants quickly and prevent them from damaging the home. With ant removal services, the home will become pest-free, and the owner won’t have to worry about the troublesome insects. 

Where To Get Pest Control 

Sustainable Pest Systems offers comprehensive pest control services for all property owners in Raleigh, Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We manage a multitude of pests and eliminate unwanted creatures quickly. You can learn more about our extermination options by setting up an appointment today. 

Pest control service for ants can remove the insects from the home promptly. Sustainable Pest Systems can get rid of ants and prevent the pests from getting back into the property. We know that ants can cause painful bites and often find their way into dry foods and pet dishes. 

Extermination teams inspect the property to find all areas affected by the ant infestation. The assessments show what conditions led to the infestation and how to eliminate any access to the home. Entry points such as cracks around doors, floorboards, and the shower allow insects to get into the property. Pest control services recommend sealing entry points and areas around bathtubs and showers. By setting up pest control services, property owners can maintain a pest-free and safer home.