Every season comes with its own set of pests. In Raleigh, it’s possible to find everything from ants to silverfish invading homes year-round. The good news is that the same ant control measures work for most of the common household pests found in North Carolina, and homeowners can read on to find out how to implement them.

Mind the Gaps

Just about every home has a few gaps and cracks that act as entryways to insects and rodents. The most common culprits are the areas around windows and doors, so homeowners should start by checking these areas. If there are any cracks or holes, seal them up immediately to prevent further insect intrusions.

Some insects can fit through remarkably small holes, which makes it difficult to identify entry points. When in doubt about whether a door or window is fully sealed, close it then light a candle inside the home near the area in question. If there are gaps, the air should pull the candle’s flame towards them.

Keep Things Dry

Just like people, insects need water to survive. Many species even prefer to live in damp places, which makes leaky basements and other damp areas look like a haven. Make a point of fixing leaky faucets, drains, and pipes as soon as the problems occur, and add dehumidifiers to the basement and other moisture-prone areas to keep things dry.

It can also help to remove standing water outside the home. This is one of the first steps taken by mosquito control services, but it also helps with keeping other household pests at bay. If there’s nothing attracting insects to the yard, they’ll be less likely to head into a house in search of sustenance and moisture.

Clean the Kitchen

A home’s human inhabitants aren’t the only creatures that could be heading to the kitchen for a quick midnight snack. Insects do the same thing, and if there are any foods left out or crumbs on the floor, they’ll be quick to find them. Most homeowners notice ants invading their kitchens, but they may not be as aware of grain moths, flour beetles, and other less obvious pests.

The best way to prevent all kinds of insects from flocking to the home’s kitchen for a late-night snack is to keep all food stored in tightly sealed containers and to clean the floors and counters regularly. Some homeowners also keep flour in the freezer to stop the moths and beetles from getting in. This approach also comes with the benefit of keeping flour fresh for longer.

Remove Debris

Insects and rodents are less likely to enter homes that don’t present an easy target. Because many household pests hide in compost bins, firewood stacks, and other yard debris, a cluttered yard creates an easy path into the home. Make a point of keeping all yard debris away from the home and check firewood for bugs before bringing it inside.

Living plants also harbor insect pests. If there are trees, bushes, or woody perennials planted near the home, keep the branches pruned near the foundation. Maintaining weed-free landscaping beds also helps.

Clean Regularly

Good housekeeping practices keep many types of insect pests away. What some homeowners don’t realize is that kitchens aren’t the only areas where bugs could be taking up residence, so it’s important to keep the entire house clean. Empty the trash cans often, sweep every day, and vacuum once a week to stop pest infestations in their tracks.

It’s also important to keep kitchen and bathroom sink drains clean. Otherwise, they become a haven for drain flies. Using a plumbing-safe drain cleaner regularly prevents these pests from becoming a problem.

Know When to Call for Professional Help

Some pests are more stubborn than others. While homeowners should never be afraid to call in professional help to help them deal with insect infestations, there are some cases where it’s not worth taking the time to see whether the DIY solutions described above will help. If there are bed bugs, cockroaches, or fleas infesting the home, it’s best to call an exterminator right away.

Trust Sustainable Pest Systems

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