Bats In Your Home

Unwanted pests are nothing short of annoying and create an unhealthy environment for everyone. Bats are especially dangerous, and a homeowner should never attempt to remove the pests from their homes on their own. Scientists have yet to create a rabies vaccine to treat bats, and bats are known to contract rabies frequently. At the first sign of bats in the home, property owners need to contact a pest control professional to remove the bats and clean up all droppings left behind.  

Bats Flying Around the Side of the Home

Property owners who have attics of lofts at the upper levels of their homes will see bats flying around the outside of these spaces. If there is a bat infestation, there may be numerous bats flying in and out of these spaces, and the homeowner needs to set up Bat control quickly. A severe bat infestation makes the home an unhealthy environment and increases rabies risks for the family and their pets. 

An Obvious Scent of Ammonia 

Bat urine causes an unpleasant ammonia smell to waft through the home, and if it’s a serious infestation, the smell gets into the HVAC system quickly. Pest control providers will inspect the property for a bat infestation and find all areas where there are urine stains and ammonia smells.  

Foul Odors Coming From Attic

A serious bat infestation means a lot of guano or bat excrement, and it is toxic to humans, and the smell is overwhelming and horrible. Odd smells or odors coming from the attic are a dead giveaway that there are bats in the space, and families shouldn’t go into the attic if these smells are present. If the owner can smell guano away from the attic, there could be 50 or more bats in the space. Talk to a licensed professional to complete Bat removal

Dead Bats Around the Home

Dead bats around the property’s exterior are another sign of a bat infestation. The family shouldn’t touch the dead bats, as they present serious health risks, and the owner should show the dead bats to a licensed extermination team. The pest control technicians will remove the bats from the property as they prepare the preferred removal method, and the family won’t have to worry about these health risks. If there are several dead bats, the homeowner will need emergency pest control, and they might need to evacuate to a safer location until all the bats are gone to avoid the rabies risks. 

Squeaking Noises Coming Upper Levels of the Home

Squeaking noises coming from crawl spaces or the upper levels of the home, such as attics, are signs of a Bat infestation. It’s easy to distinguish between the squeaking noises of a bat as compared to rats and mice, but if the client isn’t familiar with bat noises, they should call their pest control provider to complete an inspection. The pest control professionals will complete a thorough inspection of all areas where an infestation is suspected. 

Scratches or Stains on the Walls

Bats are likely to scratch wallboard and wood in areas where they set up a den, and there will be stains on the walls because of urination. Bats reproduce in dark, quiet spaces, and there will be many signs that the pests have set up a den. Droppings and urine stain the walls and create serious property damage. All areas affected by the bat infestation must be repaired, and some building materials are removed because of exposure to toxic substances. Professional pest control services include cleanup options for all these toxic materials, and the technicians start the cleanup process after there are no more signs of an infestation.  

Any Bats In the Property’s Interior

Families must report bats to a pest control professional if there are any bats found inside the home. With some infestations, bats fly out of chimneys and even break through flooring after infesting the crawlspace. Unless the bat flies out of the home, the family needs animal control to come to the home and get the bats out. Homeowners should never let a bat fly freely through their home, as there are serious dangers, and there isn’t any way to determine if the bat has rabies.  

Where to Get Pest Control

At Sustainable Pest Systems, we provide comprehensive pest control for all infestations and clean up the area after the pests are gone. Our technicians inspect the affected areas and find the best solution for eliminating health risks and property damage. Contact us today and find out more about our pest control services.