Cockroaches are practically synonymous with filth. Seeing them scurrying about your home or business is enough to make your skin crawl. And cockroaches aren’t just gross; they can spread allergens and food-borne illnesses, cause property damage, and create a foul odor when they multiply. Unfortunately, cockroach infestations are a common occurrence in Raleigh.

No one wants to live or work around roaches but getting rid of them is never easy. Cockroaches are infamously difficult to exterminate, able to survive in extremely hostile conditions and adapt to many common pesticides. If you want to prevent cockroach problems in your Raleigh home or workplace, read through this helpful guide to effective cockroach control.


Important Tips for Cockroach Removal & Prevention

The easiest way to prevent a cockroach infestation in Raleigh is to prevent roaches from entering your home or business to begin with. One way that you can do this is by eliminating factors that attract roaches. As with all pests, cockroaches are usually drawn into human structures by three basic necessities: food, water, and shelter. To avoid attracting roaches into your home or place of business, do the following:

  • Dispose of garbage, especially food waste, regularly and never leave overflowing trash in uncovered bins. Roaches will gladly feast on garbage if it is easily accessible to them.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes on the table or in the sink overnight. The smell of table scraps often lures hungry cockroaches into homes.
  • Clean up any spilled food or drink quickly. If roaches smell something tasty on the floor, they’re likely to invade your home or business in search of it.
  • Store any leftover food in tightly sealed or lidded containers. Roaches can easily get into uncovered food and can infest it with bacteria.
  • Fix leaking pipes before wood rot occurs. Cockroaches are drawn to moisture and are more likely to infest damp areas of your building.
  • Don’t let any areas of your building interior become too cluttered. While it’s a myth that roaches only invade dirty homes and businesses, clutter provides them with ample hiding spots and makes them more likely to stick around.

In addition to getting rid of roach attractants, effective cockroach prevention includes making it difficult for the pests to get in at all. Applying weatherproof sealant to all exterior doors and windows in your building will prevent roaches from slipping in through the cracks. You may also want to install door sweeps at the bottom of all exterior doors as otherwise, cockroaches can easily crawl in beneath them.

Sometimes, despite your best cockroach prevention efforts, roaches will still manage to invade your home or business in Raleigh. When this happens, there are a few cockroach control tactics you can attempt. The quickest way to kill roaches you see is to spray them down with a can of pesticide. However, this won’t do anything to the dozens – if not hundreds or even thousands – of roaches you aren’t seeing. Setting down traps is a much more effective way of responding to cockroach infestations, but it’s still unlikely to get them all.

The best way to remove roaches from your home or business is to call a licensed pest control company in Raleigh. Professional cockroach control experts will be able to exterminate the roaches on your premises much more effectively than you can. Licensed technicians are trained on how to locate and get rid of roaches in both residential and commercial spaces, no matter how deeply the dirty pests are dug in. Working with a variety of methods, cockroach exterminators will be able to thoroughly eliminate an infestation from your property.

Do You Need Professional Cockroach Control in Raleigh?

If you’re tired of dealing with roach issues in your home or workplace, then it’s time to let the pros take over. Give Sustainable Pest Systems a call today if you need cockroach control, removal and prevention services in the Raleigh area!