Bats can be extremely helpful creatures to have around since they eat pests like mosquitoes, but they can also be dangerous to have nearby. They can also get into homes to create nests, and then are far more difficult to get out of the house. Since they can carry diseases and will bite humans, it’s imperative bats are removed from the home as soon as they’re noticed. For this, it’s crucial to contact a professional and make sure the bats are removed properly.

Keeping Bats Out of the Home

The key to bat control is preventing them from getting inside the home in the first place. If they are unable to get inside, they won’t pose a problem for the occupants of the home. Keep an eye on the exterior of the home for any signs of damage or deterioration. Pay close attention to areas around the attic that are in corners or otherwise difficult to see. This may require going on a ladder, so take all safety precautions. If any damage is noticed, do the repairs quickly. Bats can squeeze into small spaces to get inside the attic, so it’s better to repair the damage as soon as it’s noticed rather than risk a bat being able to get inside, even if the hole or damage looks too small to be a concern.

Signs of Bats Inside a Home

There are numerous signs that there may be bats inside the home. Fluttering sounds at night or odd smells from the attic is a good indication that something has gotten inside. While bat guano is treasured by gardeners for its ability to fertilize plants, if it’s discovered in the attic, there are bats getting in the home. Guano can carry diseases, so it’s best to avoid handling them. Other signs include squeaking or scratching noises, stains in the attic or near the potential openings, or finding dead bats somewhere on the property. If any of these signs are noticed, it’s a good idea to call a professional for pest control right away.

Safety Concerns with Bats Near or In Home

The biggest safety concern with bats inside the home is they can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans or pets in the home. Some of the diseases bats can carry, such as rabies, are serious concerns. With bats, it can even be difficult to tell if they have bitten someone because the bites are too small and don’t usually hurt. Still, rabies and other diseases can be transmitted through these bites, so being too close to a bat could mean needing the rabies vaccination or treatment just to be safe.

Guano can also carry diseases, so it is possible to become sick by coming in contact with the guano even after the bats are removed from the home. It is always a good idea to let a professional handle the bats and make sure they’re removed from the home properly and carefully to avoid the potential for any diseases to spread.

How to Remove Bats Safely

Bat removal should be done by professionals to make sure it’s done properly. A professional will use traps to make sure they capture the bats, then release them in another area where it is safe to do so. If it is not safe, the bats may be euthanized. The professional looks through the attic or other areas where bats were found to make sure there isn’t a nest with babies. If there is a nest, that can be removed as well. Once all of the bats are removed, cleanup efforts can begin.

Restoring the Home After Bats are Gone

Since guano is present when there is a Bat infestation and it can carry diseases, it’s a good idea to have the area cleaned by a professional as soon as possible. They can thoroughly clean the attic or other area where bats were present and make sure all traces of guano are removed. Then, they’ll sanitize the area to make sure there is no risk of disease. A professional will also be needed to determine where the bats entered the home and make the proper repairs to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

If you’ve noticed any signs of bats in your home, it’s time to call the professionals for help. Due to the risk of disease, it’s a good idea to let professionals handle the removal, cleanup, and repair. This way, you and your family will remain safe.

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