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For insects that measure less than half an inch long, it’s remarkable how destructive termites can be. Each year, termite infestations cause billions of dollars worth of property damage across the United States. Worse still, these infestations often go unnoticed for several months since termites avoid the light, sticking to their subterranean nests and the galleries they build through your home’s woodwork. By the time termite infestations are discovered, the wood-boring pests have usually caused costly damage to the structure.

Although they’re found in every continental state, termites favor the warm, humid climate found here in North Carolina. This means that homes in the Raleigh area are at high risk of termite infestation. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them. Read on to learn about some of the most effective home termite treatments.


Wood DamageTop 4 Effective Termite Treatments

  1. Sentricon Bait System – Of the various professional termite treatments available in Raleigh, the Sentricon Bait System is perhaps the most effective. Sentricon consists of a number of buried termite bait stations that are spaced out around your property. The bait within is even more alluring to termite workers than the wood inside your walls and floors. The workers will bring the bait back to share with the rest of the colony and, once eaten, it will prevent them from maturing, causing them to die off en masse. In a matter of days, all of the termites living on your property will be exterminated. The Sentricon Bait System also offers long-term protection against termites, and should be checked by termite control technicians annually to ensure its efficacy.
  2. Wood Treatment – Since termites feed on the wood inside your home, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that directly treating the wood is one of the best home termite treatments available. Wood treatment is most often performed during the construction of a home to prevent future termite infestation. However, wood treatments can also be performed to eliminate active termite infestations from homes in Raleigh. Pest control technicians can inject termiticide sprays and foams into infested wooden structures to exterminate the termites within. One of the most effective wood treatments is borate, a type of salt that is toxic to termites but harmless to humans and pets.
  3. Soil Treatment – Though usually performed as a means of termite prevention, soil injection treatments can also prove effective in eliminating an active termite infestation. For this type of treatment, termite control specialists will dig a trench around the perimeter of your home in Raleigh and inject a liquid termiticide that kills termites on contact. Soil treatments will kill off termite workers that are traveling to and from your house beneath the ground. For full extermination of a termite colony, other treatments may need to be used as well.
  4. DIY Treatments – Unfortunately, because termites are so pervasive when invading a home, professional pest control solutions are usually required to get rid of them. However, there are a few DIY termite removal techniques which may prove effective. Diatomaceous earth will kill termites via dehydration. You can sprinkle it over termites you see or mix it with water and spray it on infested wood to eliminate them. Vinegar and various oils, including orange, clove and vetiver, have also been demonstrated to effectively remove termites. Just remember that for a large infestation, you’re going to need professional termite treatments.


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