Every single year, from spring through fall, residents of North Carolina have to contend with the scourge of mosquitoes. These blood-sucking pests love to swarm in our backyards, attacking us at every opportunity until we’re reluctant to go outside. A mosquito presence can ruin everything from yard games to barbeques, leaving us covered in itchy bumps.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is a priority for many homeowners but, like most pests, they’re tough to kill. Read on to learn about some reliable mosquito control techniques for backyards in North Carolina.


4 Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

  1. Don’t Let Water Pool – Mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in stagnant water and they aren’t picky about the size of the pool. A muddy puddle, rainwater in an old tire, and clogged gutters are all ideal places for mosquito larvae to grow. To the best of your ability, try to eliminate sources of stagnant water in your backyard. Empty out buckets or other containers that fill with rainwater and clean out your gutters regularly. If you have larger sources of standing water in your backyard, such as a fountain or a garden pond, you may want to treat it with larvicide to exterminate mosquitoes before they develop into adults.
  2. Take Away Their Hiding Spots – Mosquitoes thrive in shade and humidity. Unfortunately, many backyards in North Carolina provide just such conditions for them to hide in during the heat of the day. To prevent mosquito infestations in your backyard, try to remove as much debris as possible to make your property inhospitable to these pests. Start by mowing your lawn regularly, as mosquitoes love to dwell in tall grass. Piles of fallen leaves and branches or firewood can also be ideal hiding spots for mosquitoes. Minimize how many of these piles you keep in your backyard and try to place them toward the edge of your property, not right near your house.
  3. Citronella & Other Deterrents – Many natural scents that smell pleasant – or at least not too unpleasant – to us are effective deterrents against mosquitoes. If you’ve been having mosquito issues in your backyard in North Carolina, try burning citronella torches on your porch or patio to keep them away. In case you don’t like the smell of citronella, there are other natural remedies that can prove effective in mosquito prevention. Eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and rosemary can also be used as mosquito repellents. Mix these types of oils with water and spray the solution on your body or around your backyard to repel pesky mosquitoes.
  4. Hire a Mosquito Control Company – Treating or removing standing water, decluttering your lawn, and installing natural deterrents can help reduce mosquito activity in your backyard. However, if you want to get rid of mosquitoes for good, your most reliable option is to work alongside a licensed pest control company in North Carolina. Trained pest control technicians can identify mosquito infestation areas in your backyard before treating these areas with eco-friendly pesticide that will thoroughly exterminate mosquitoes without harming beneficial species. Pest control professionals have the equipment and the techniques to prevent mosquito problems in your backyard all year long.


Professional Mosquito Control for Backyards in NC

There’s no reason to let a mosquito infestation prevent you from spending time in your beautiful backyard. Sustainable Pest Systems provides environmentally conscious mosquito control solutions that will allow you to enjoy your backyard without the dreaded buzz of these annoying pests. Give us a call today if you’d like us to perform mosquito control treatments in your backyard in North Carolina!