Whether you turn on the bathroom light to see a dozen cockroaches scrambling for cover or you wake up to find an army of ants marching into your kitchen, discovering a pest infestation in your home is never pleasant. Once you get over the initial shock – and disgust – of finding bugs or rodents under your roof, your first question will probably be “What do I do about this?”

You have two options: one is to try your hand at do-it-yourself pest removal; the other is to call a professional pest control company in Raleigh. Which option is best for your situation may vary based on several factors.


How to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Winter

When DIY Pest Control Will Suffice

The most obvious drawback to hiring pest exterminators is the cost. Professional services will usually set you back a lot more than a few products from your local hardware store. Sometimes, do-it-yourself pest control can be effective – unfortunately, it’s often not.

First, you need to identify the pest species that has invaded your Raleigh area home. Some pests are much harder to exterminate than others, with bed bugs and termites being among the most challenging. However, other common pests like mice, ants, and roaches can be reliably removed with DIY pest control as long as the infestation isn’t too big. For small-scale pest infestations, setting up some traps and manually exterminating visible pests with a spray can of insecticide can be the quickest, simplest solution.

The problem with DIY pest control is that it’s rarely thorough. Sure, you can kill the few bugs or rodents you see scurrying around your house but what about the pests you don’t see? Homeowners who try to handle their own pest control are often frustrated as infestations seem to keep popping back up again and again. In reality, it’s often the same pest infestation that was never fully eliminated in the first place. The average homeowner in Raleigh possesses neither the tools nor the knowledge to completely eradicate pests from their property.


When You Need Professional Pest Control

Professional pest control is often more expensive than DIY pest control, but it’s always more effective. If you have a large-scale pest infestation that doesn’t go away after a few days of setting traps, it would be wise to call the pros. Licensed pest control operators undergo extensive training on how to effectively exterminate each common pest species found in Raleigh. Using this knowledge and their more advanced treatments, pest exterminators will be able to completely eradicate an infestation from your home.

Another advantage of hiring pest control professionals in Raleigh is that they take a proactive approach to getting rid of pests. In addition to removing an active pest infestation on your property, a licensed pest control company will perform pest exclusion services to make it more difficult for pests to enter your home in the future. The professional pest exclusion process, which may include chemical treatments, installation of physical barriers, and more, is the most surefire way to keep your home pest-free in the long term.

It’s also worth noting that professional pest control is necessary to get rid of certain types of pests. Bed bugs and termites are infamously difficult to kill, and attempting DIY removal will only allow them to proliferate and infest your entire home. Exterminating termites or bed bugs will invariably require intensive professional treatments, possibly including fumigation.


In Need of Professional Pest Control?

If you have a pest infestation that might take a professional’s help to resolve, don’t wait. Contact Sustainable Pest Systems today to schedule pest control services for your home in the Raleigh area!