Mosquitoes Ruin Your Summer Fun

Summer is the season for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and spending time in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for mosquitos and other biting insects. The good news for Raleigh, North Carolina homeowners is that there’s no need to hide inside during the nicest months of the year to avoid these pests. 

Appropriate mosquito management is all it takes to reduce the population to manageable levels. Read on to find out what homeowners can do and how local exterminators can help.

Why Mosquitoes Need to Be Controlled

Most mosquito bites result in itchy, swollen, red bumps. This reaction is an immune response to the antibodies in mosquito saliva, and it can last up to a week. For most people, the annoyance of dealing with unpleasant bites and annoying buzzing sounds is enough motivation on its own to schedule mosquito control services.

Mosquitos aren’t just annoying, though. They can also carry serious diseases, including everything from West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever to Zika. Most of these illnesses are manageable with prompt treatment, but as with most things in life, prevention is the best cure. Reducing the number of mosquito bites the family is subjected to will also reduce the statistical probability of anyone contracting a serious mosquito-borne illness.

Tips for Reducing Mosquito Populations

While there’s little anyone can do about the prevalence of mosquito populations in parks, campgrounds, and other privately or publicly owned recreational areas, homeowners and their families can follow some basic steps for at-home mosquito control. They include:

Getting Rid of Standing Water

Most species of mosquitoes breed in standing water. Without it, there will be no place for females to lay eggs, which puts a stop to the cycle. To make sure mosquitoes aren’t breeding in the backyard, store things like toys, tarps, watering cans, and buckets indoors, and be sure to empty and refill bird baths and water features twice a week.

Keeping Gutters Clean

Most homeowners think of gutter cleaning as a chore they must attend to if they don’t want to wind up with leaking gutters and foundation damage. They clean their gutters once or twice a year and call it done. The problem with this approach is that clogged gutters can also become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Installing gutter guards or setting up more frequent cleanings can help.

Treating Swimming Pools

All those chemical pool treatments homeowners must add throughout the summer months are designed primarily to keep the water clean and swimmer safe. However, they also boast a secondary benefit: they stop mosquitoes from breeding in the pool. Homeowners should keep up with pool treatments even if no one is using it.

Use Strategically Placed Fans

Some of the control measures described above take a while to work, so what if families are planning backyard barbecues and the mosquitoes are still out in full force? The best short-term solution is to install a few strategically placed fans. Because mosquitoes are not strong fliers, they tend to avoid moving air. Plus, a light breeze will dispel the carbon dioxide and body odors that attract mosquitoes to people, in the first place.

When to Call in the Pros

The best time to call in a professional exterminator is before the problem gets out of hand. Preventing mosquito problems is easier than eliminating them once the breeding season starts. That said, anyone who is frustrated with trying to tackle mosquito troubles at home can call for professional help during any season.

Trust Sustainable Pest Systems

Sick of dealing with annoying biting insects ruining summer fun? Raleigh, NC homeowners can trust Sustainable Pest Systems to get rid of not just mosquitoes but also any other pests that show up. As a full-service pest management company, we can handle it all. Call (919) 752-3284 to schedule mosquito treatments.