Bats In Your Home

While many people fear bats, they actually play a positive role in Raleigh’s ecosystem by preventing the overpopulation of mosquitoes and other pesky insects. The problem with bats starts when they decide to roost in the attics of local homes as a substitute for caves. Bat droppings are known as “guano,” and they’re highly acidic. When guano accumulates in your attic, it will destroy flooring, contaminate insulation, and may even corrode metal pipes. The presence of guano creates a terrible odor and may spread histoplasmosis as well.

The biggest danger associated with bats is their propensity to carry rabies. While it’s estimated that less than 5% of bats in North Carolina are rabies carriers, it’s another good reason you don’t want them living under your roof. Removing bats once they’re established can be a challenge, so your best option is to prevent bats from entering your attic to begin with. Here are a few tips to keep bats out of your attic in Raleigh.


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4 Good Tips for Bat Prevention

  1. Install Vent Covers – Vent openings in your roof or siding can provide bats with easy access to your attic. Inspect your house to make sure that all exterior vents are properly covered. Note that if your vents are protected by a flapper, they’re not fully bat-proof. When flappers are open wide enough, bats will still be able to squeeze their way in. For surefire bat prevention, place mesh covers over your vent openings. Unlike rodents, bats cannot chew their way through mesh and will be effectively deterred by these vent covers.
  2. Repair Holes in the Roof – Bats can squeeze through a hole smaller than half an inch wide to invade your attic in Raleigh. While bats cannot rip holes in your roof, other wildlife like raccoons can, and so can bad weather or years of general wear and tear. If bats find these holes when looking for a place to roost, they’ll be quick to take advantage of them. You should have your roof inspected for damage once per year. If any holes are discovered during the roof inspection, have them repaired quickly before bats come across them.
  3. Install Deterrents in Your Attic – There are a few different things you can install in your attic to prevent bats from wanting to roost there even if they do get inside. Contrary to popular belief, bats are not blind, though it’s true that their senses of hearing and smell are much keener. Bats despise the smell of mothballs, so scattering them around your attic is a good way to repel them. You can also deter bats with a store-bought ultrasonic repellent that hurts their ears. Alternatively, you can take advantage of bats’ nocturnal nature by installing motion-activated lights in or near your attic to keep them away.
  4. Work With a Wildlife Control Company – Bat prevention can be a tricky process, which is why your best choice might be to call a professional. Experienced wildlife removal technicians in Raleigh are experts at keeping bats out of local homes. They’ll be able to thoroughly inspect your attic for any signs of bat activity or possible bat entry points before taking measures to prevent a bat infestation in your attic. If you’ve already got a bat problem, it’s important to call a wildlife removal company as quickly as possible.


Raleigh’s Best Bat Prevention Company

If you’re concerned about the threat of a bat intrusion in your attic, you should partner with a trusted local wildlife control company to keep bats out. Give Sustainable Pest Systems a call today if you’d like our help to prevent bat infestations in your attic in the Raleigh area!