Bird Control in Raleigh, NC

Do you need help to remove and prevent birds around your home in Raleigh?

Birds are generally harmless and many of us enjoy watching them visit bird feeders and bird baths in our backyards. However, birds sometimes attempt to nest in inconvenient places, such as dryer vents, gutters and HVAC units. When this happens, birds can be noisy, destructive and extremely messy. If you’re tired of birds causing issues around your home, it may be time to call a wildlife control company in Raleigh.

Reliable Bird Nest Removal

Sustainable Pest Systems has solutions to all the problems caused by birds nesting around your home in Raleigh. We can remove sparrows, starlings, pigeons or any other type of local bird. Our experts will inspect your property to identify the nuisance bird species and locate any bird nests in dryer vents, in gutters or anywhere else. Then, we’ll humanely remove the birds and their nests from your property before they can cause any more damage.

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    Other birds may attempt to build nests on your home exterior, but our technicians can perform bird prevention services to keep them away. Using spikes, netting and other deterrents, we’ll make it so that your home in Raleigh isn’t a viable nesting place for birds.

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    If birds have built a nest in your vents or gutters, it’s important to remove them before they lead to bigger problems. Connect with Sustainable Pest Systems today for the best bird control services in the Raleigh area!